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Invested in the growth of small farmers in India

Samunnati is an Indian bank with a social heart and invested in the growth of the small famers in India. By enabling communities, empowering farmers and building a sustainable ecosystem they support a healthy business and improve so many lives of farmer families.

Triodos investment management invests in Samunnati and thereby in the growth of over 4 million small farmers in India.


Triodos Investment Management asked us to catch the unique approach of Samunnati in a short film, to show their investors the impact of their money.


Together with the client, we developed the concept of the film. After diving into this complex project, we made the storyline and interviewed the CEO, the field coordinator and a few farmers that were able to change their lives for the best through the loan and advice from Samunnati. The short film was used in the annual impact report of Triodos investment management.

Distilling the essence

Since Samunnati is not just a financier, but is a community builder and advisor at the same time, we really had to dive into the project to be able to find the keys to their impact. With both a background in research, we love to unravel and find out how things work.

We connected with all levels involved: from the inspirational CEO and founder to the farmers in the field that live a worry-free life now and are able to educate their children. In the edit we distilled the essence out of all the beautiful and inspiring stories we gathered. The result: a short film that shows the warm heart of Samunnati and its great impact at the same time!

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