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The seed production chain

The Indian story behind the tomato explained

Did you ever realize that there might be a relation between the tomato on your sandwich and India? We didn’t! Although that tomato may be grown in your home country, there is a big chance that the seed of that tomato plant was not. In Western countries, especially in The Netherlands, seed companies are creating the perfect vegetable seeds. There is a lot of science and care going into that. But once the seeds are perfected, they are multiplied in low-wage countries like India. The local people are suffering from low and unequal wages, high debts, health problems and child labor is still present.


To explain the complex seed production chain and to create awareness on how the situation of  the workers in India is connected to the big seeds producing companies, Mondiaal FNV asked us to find a way to visualize this connection.


We visualized the connection in an explainer video. From idea to concept to realization. We enjoyed making the puzzle and putting it all together in a short video that makes you understand how the seed sector works and what the issues are. The video was used online as well as on an international event.


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