The Indian story behind the tomato

Did you ever realize that there might be a relation between the tomato on your sandwich and India? We didn’t! Although that tomato may be grown in your home country, there is a big chance that the seed of that tomato plant was not. In Western countries, especially in The Netherlands, seed companies are working on the perfect vegetable seeds. There is a lot of science and care going into that. But once the seeds are perfected, they are multiplied in low-wage countries like India. The local people are suffering from low and unequal wages, high debts, health problems and child labor is still present.


The Dutch NGO Mondiaal FNV thinks The Netherlands has a responsibility here and together with the seed sector and local partners in India they work on improving the conditions and lives of these farmers. Mondiaal FNV asked us to dive into this complex project and find a way to visualize the urgency and impact of it.


We caught the essence of the project through personal stories of the small farmers and agri-workers. We made a short film, photo portraits and articles for their website, social media and publications such as their anual report.


Connecting here and there

“Our aim was to really make the connection between India and The Netherlands and in this way create awareness about how we – in the Western world – have a responsibility in what is happening in India. We did this for example through the personal stories of Nico and Sakri: they work in the same sector, but that is about where the comparison ends…”

This double portrait was part of the Annual report 2019.


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