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Garment workers Yangon

The fight for worker’s rights in Myanmar

The garment industry in Myanmar is growing. But the workers are not benefitting from that: they work for low wages, experience extremely high work loads and get oppressed by their bosses.


Mondiaal FNV asked us to show the personal stories of the workers in the garment industry in Yangon. In photos and text.


We visited garment factories and joined a rally for better working conditions. We were honored to be able to interview two of the front persons fighting for worker rights in Myanmar. The stories were gathered in photos and articles. They were used as part of the book Change! that Mondiaal FNV made for their external relations.


In the epicentre

While we were shooting for this project, we got informed that a group of workers was organizing a big protest in front of one of the garment factories. In Myanmar, these kinds of demonstrations are very risky: many of the union leaders have been arrested and imprisoned for no other reason then raising their voice. But this was something we shouldn’t miss. On the back of a motorbike we made our way to the factory, where hundreds of garment workers were having a peaceful sit-in. They spoke up for their rights and the manager of the factory even came out to talk with them. A huge step for the workers here and we were happy to be able to witness it!



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