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Energy transition

How Indian women work on a sustainable use of energy and improve their quality of life

Women of poor families in India spend a big part of their income and time on household energy. This leaves the women physically exhausted and limits their time to earn a decent livelihood. On top of that: the use of traditional energy sources has a great impact on their health and the environment. The biggest Indian union for women found a solution: they train a part of their members as energy leaders that help these women to make a transition to renewable energy sources.


Mondiaal FNV asked us to show how the project impacts the life of the ten thousands of women involved. To grab the story behind the numbers.


We joined several energy leaders in the field. We captured the transitions and found the inspiring stories on how these improved the quality of life of the women. We developed the concept, shot the photos, video on location and edited the material to impact stories for their website, social media and publications. We also experimented with 360 video, to give the audience a feel of how it is to cook on a woodfire in a small Indian house.


A true smile – building a relation

After some research and our first introduction we soon found how broad the impact of the energy transition is on the lives of the women involved. The biggest challenge was: how do we tell this complex story in less than 4 minutes? We made the puzzle, got inspired on using new techniques… and were happy to go and shoot as we imagined!

In the short film we made for Mondiaal FNV, we visualized how the transition from traditional energy sources to renewable energy changed the life of so many Indian families. Sutha was one of the stars in the film: she was very shy when we met her. Bit by bit she told us her sad history and how she came out of it. After spending a few hours together, we saw her broad smile. We felt so inspired by this brave woman!


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