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Child labour free zones

Getting children out of the quarries into school

In the cobble stone industry in India, people produce stones mostly for the international market. A large number of children is out of school and partly working in the quarries. Hivos supports Child labour free zones in this area and with this broad approach about a thousand children have been withdrawn from child labour or prevented from child labour.


Hivos asked us to show the impact of this important project that they set-up and supported over the last years.


We visited many aspects of the project: from the stone quarries itself, to the homes of the workers that live next to the quarries and the school that has been set-up for the children in this area. By truly connecting to the women there, we were able to gather the personal stories that have been used for several publications and on the website.

Up close and personal

To be able to dive into a project, a good connection with the local partner is key. They are of great importance to help us find the stories that matter. We take time to get to know our local connections, to understand who they are and what thrives them.
What made this project very special to us, is that we were invited to stay at the family house of the local partner of Hivos. After our first introduction, Bajrang invited us to stay with him and his family for the full three days of the shoot. In the morning Bajrang’s wife served us a great Rajasthani breakfast. After long days in the field, we sat for dinner together and discussed all of the impressions of that day. We really got to know Bajrang, his family and their traditions. After three intense days we left as friends!


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