Storytelling / video

CartiONE testimonials

The experience of a surgeon and a patient with novel knee repair technology

CartiONE is the first cartilage repair technology that uses the patient’s own cells to generate cartilage in one surgery.


With the focus on surgeons: capture the personal experience of a surgeon with this unique technology in which general questions other surgeons might have, are answered. With the focus on potential patients: capture the story of a patient who’s quality of life improved by getting treated with this technology.


In two separate videos we captured the story of the surgeon and the patient. Patient Tomaz describes his feelings before and after the CartiONE surgery, rehabilitation and return to his pre-injury activities of Mountain Biking, Skiing and Rock Climbing. Surgeon Konrad Słynarski explains the single-stage CartiONE procedure. The videos are used to explain the benefit and impact of this procedure on conferences, on their website and social media channels.


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