Shot today!

Frosty Fields

Hey guys,

There has been a cold morning again, and I just love what these droplets of frozen water can do with an otherwise grim and boring landscape. So here are some pics of typical Dutch farm fields I shot the other morning along the roads behind my house.

I hope you enjoy it, please let me know below!


 Frosty Fields-12-2

Real Surreal

Real Surreal Landscape

I really like settings which just don’t feel completely real. They’re just a little bit “off”.

Here are some experiments from the last couple of days trying to create an atmosphere which is real but a little bit surreal at the same time.



Winter Morning

Finally the Winter has arrived in Holland! Enough reason to get up early and take my camera out for a nice trip. Enjoy the things most of you see passing by in these Winter Mornings.



What lies behind that door?

Autumn is a very photogenic season, the trees show a multitude of colors, the low sun makes long shadows and deep colors and the occurrence of mist turns otherwise normal places into mysterious sites… Enjoy this small selection of photo’s I took during this season.