Burning Man Exhibition in Utrecht

One of the many Journeys at Burning Man

Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind. Everybody has his own different experience in this temporary Community. With this Exhibition we would like to share our experience with you.

From the 27th of April you are welcome to visit the exhibition in the smart-cafe State of Mind at Oudegracht 226 in Utrecht.


Burning Man Exhibition


Expo at the Kargadoor

There is still time (until the end of October) to visit my current expo at the social-cultural event center: The Kargadoor at the Oude Gracht 36 in Utrecht.

Hop by when you are in the center, it’s near the Rembrand Cinema.

Click the logo below to read more about the expo.

Over and out. Roderick

23rd of June @ Bazar Bizar!


I will participate in a very nice art & music festival in Rotterdam.

It will be taking place the 23rd of June at the Charloisse Kerksingel in Rotterdam.

During this festival the truck, with which we drove from Holland to India in ’10-’11, will be used as the exhibition background. Here you will find photographs of this journey through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India.  Furthermore there will be more recent work available in different sizes, ready to hang on your wall or frame yourself.

Check out the website of Bazar Bizar for more info about this nice and inspiring festival.

Hope to see you all there!


25-26-27 November, My first expo! *UPDATE*

The location is revealed and the list of participating artists is finished!

See below for more information:

Anja Mosselaar     www.anjamosselaar.nl

Bart Elfrink    www.bartelfrink.nl

Bibi Smit     www.bibismit.nl

Carla Molkenboer    www.cmsculpture.nl

Caroline Koenders    www.carolinekoenders.nl

Caroline Teesing    www.carolineteesing.nl

Cissy van der Wel    www.cissyvanderwel.nl

Daniel de Groot

Dorothe Arts    www.dorothe-arts.nl

Fieke de Roij    www.werkinsteen.nl

Frans Beelen    www.fransbeelen.nl

Gebroeders Bosma    www.gebroedersbosma.nl

Gera van der Leun    www.geravanderleun.com

Ilias Ernst    www.iliasernst.nl

Jesse v Boheemen    www.boheemenontwerp.nl

Jolanda Drukker Murray    www.jolandadrukker.nl

Juul Rameau    www.juulrameau.com

Lisette Koren    www.lisettekoren.nl

Martine Kolner    www.kairosfotografie.nl

Nellie van der Knaap    www.atelieraandewerf.nl

Rieneke de Jong    www.beeldetc.nl

Robbert de Jong    www.riebel.nl

Roderick Polak    www.roderickpolak.com

Ruth van der Veen    www.ruthvanderveen.com

Willemien Verkerk    www.wllmn.nl

Zeebra    www.zeebra-zeefdruk.nl

25-26-27 November, My first expo!


Yes yes! The website has only been up for a few days and there’s already some good news to tell. I have been invited to participate in a group exposition at the 25-26-27th of November. The concept of this exposition is to be able to buy a piece of art at “supermarket-prices”. So please all come to the first exposition where I will exhibit some of my work! And keep a close eye on this website or at: www.superdekunst.nl for more information about the participating artists and location.

Participating artists uptill now:

Jolanda Drukker Murray

Gera van der Leun

Juul Rameau

Cissy van der Wel

Caroline Teesing

Roderick Polak

Carla Molkenboer



See you there!