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Stop Child Labour campaign in India

It takes a community to stop Child Labour. With this approach Hivos – an international organisation that seeks new solutions for persistent global issues – is supporting a great project in Rajasthan, India. We were happy to cover the personal success stories of the people changing their own lives for the best. Hivos uses those personal portraits and stories to bring the great results of the work they support to life.

This publication on Child Labour Free Zones is one of the examples where the photos are used. It always makes me happy to see how the combination of photography and great design makes a strong message.

Up close and personal for Mondiaal FNV

The last months we had the opportunity to visit places you normally won’t visit on the average around-the-world-trip. For Mondiaal FNV – the international branch of the Dutch Labour Union – we visited places in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar, where people are striving for better work conditions. We saw some horrible situations: like the extremely hard and unhealthy work in the stone quarries in India, or the terrible conditions of the workers in the textile industry or at the landfills in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sometimes we were shocked by the unfairness in the world. But overall we were surprised and amazed by the immense power and resilience of the people working there: to unite and fight for their own rights, to get an identity and to make the best of life!

It was great to make portraits of the people that are making a difference there. The portraits and interviews show the amazing story behind the numbers and the great work that is been done to change their lives for the best.

On a Circumbendibus!

On a ridiculous detour in our old army ambulance, we will take the roads less travelled in search of an answer to a question that occupies our minds: how do we want to live our lives? Is a simple life – closer to nature and people – something for us?

On a 40.000 km circumbendibus through time and cultures, we will circle the northern hemisphere. On this expedition we will visit remote places and experience communities that choose to live a life far from our modern day society, but close to each other. From the traditional and nomadic groups in Central Asia, to the off-grid-communities in for example Europe and South East Asia. By joining those people in their day-to-day lives, we hope to find an answer. A perfect alibi to get the camera out and play ;-)!

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Together with videographer Daan Huttinga we made this video:

Similiarity in Opposites. Burning Man – Marrackesh

It has been a while… a long while. I’ve been caught up by my other profession as a Bio-medical Engineer, but from now on expect to see a bit more activity on my photography website again!

Going through my photo library I came across a small project I never published. This was a try-out during the preparation for my Burning Man exhibition.

I was trying to match impressions of the hedonistic and temporary city: Black Rock City during Burning Man, with a 1000 year old  imperial city: Marrakesh.

Not a straight forward couple and although these clear opposites, I found it interesting to see the similarities. What do you think?



Frosty Fields

Hey guys,

There has been a cold morning again, and I just love what these droplets of frozen water can do with an otherwise grim and boring landscape. So here are some pics of typical Dutch farm fields I shot the other morning along the roads behind my house.

I hope you enjoy it, please let me know below!


 Frosty Fields-12-2