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On a Circumbendibus!

On a ridiculous detour in our old army ambulance, we will take the roads less travelled in search of an answer to a question that occupies our minds: how do we want to live our lives? Is a simple life – closer to nature and people – something for us?

On a 40.000 km circumbendibus through time and cultures, we will circle the northern hemisphere. On this expedition we will visit remote places and experience communities that choose to live a life far from our modern day society, but close to each other. From the traditional and nomadic groups in Central Asia, to the off-grid-communities in for example Europe and South East Asia. By joining those people in their day-to-day lives, we hope to find an answer. A perfect alibi to get the camera out and play ;-)!

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Together with videographer Daan Huttinga we made this video: